Triangle Centers and Polygon Quiz

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Triangle Centers and Polygon Quiz [Test 1]
1) Intersection point of perpendicular bisectors of the triangle sides is called
a) Orthocenter    b) Circumcenter    c) Incenter    d) Tricenter    e) Centroid    
2) Unique circle that passes through three vertices of a triangle is
a) Circumcircle    b) InCircle    c) OrthoCircle    d) Circlemax    e) Monocircle    
3) The line that joins the vertex of a triangle to a mid point on the opposite side is called
a) Median    b) Altitude    c) Centroid    d) Mid vertex    e) Orthocenter    
4) The point that is equidistant from the three vertices is
a) Incenter    b) Orthocenter    c) Circumcenter    d) Tricenter    e) Centroid    
5) All sides in a Rhombus are same
a) True    b) False    
6) Rectangle is a special case of Parallelogram
a) False    b) True    
7) The diagonals for a Rhombus are equal
a) True    b) False    
8) Triangle can be balanced around the point
a) CircumCenter    b) Orthocenter    c) Incenter    d) Tricenter    e) Centroid    
9) Median divides the triangle into two triangles of equal areas
a) False    b) True    
10) If the side of a square is tripled, its area will be increased by
a) Three    b) Nine    c) Zero    d) Six    e) Eight