About QuestionPack

Our goal is to inspire students to reach their full potential in math and science.

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You can find the QuestionPack’s end user license here.

Product Evolution History

  1. First generation of the product was started somewhere around 2004. This was done in C#, winforms as a client side application. This version used the print document class of .Net to produce rich documents. This version only had printable worksheet. User cannot take online tests.
  2. In 2007, major overhaul was done to convert above code to WPF. WPF is the newest addition of Microsoft technology to produce rich graphics. This is also a rich client application and had ability to take online tests. This application was shared with select set of users and is available as a downloadable application. Big feedback from users is that they did not want to install the application to use it.
  3. To make it a full blown web application (ASP.Net), we had to do one more major overhaul of the code again in early 2008.
  4. Fourth Generation of Questionpack added support for QuestionPack Publisher. This enables end users with no programming knowlege to create their own content. First version of Publiser is released in April 2008.